Tube bending equipment

· Inserted bending matrixes, integral and integrated shaft.
· Matrix inserts and clamping with different types of finishing: smooth, microsplined, large pitch scoring and filling with a diamond film. These can be straight or shaped.
· Slides.
· Wiper dies (anti-wrinkles, smoothers): integral or interchangeable inserts. The interchangeable inserts are cheaper than the integral ones.
· Bending mandrels: integral, bevel, monospheric, for square and rectangular tubes with different articulations, monodirectional and omnidirectional. In this case there are _three sub-categories: standard pitch, close pitch, super close pitch. The close pitch cores are used for tube bending with medium close bending radiuses and thin thickness.
· Pliers: integral or detachable inserts.

Tube bending equipment 1
Tube bending equipment 2
Tube bending equipment 3
Tube bending equipment 4