Test Case

· Traction testing on electronic workbench, up to 2000 kg

· Resilience testing

· Pressure drop testing for free flow measurements, values between 0.025 < x < 0.042

· “static” and “dinamic” burst testing on workbench, pulses from 50 bars to 1200 bars

· Reliability and auto-qualification testing with Hydroscand cleaner

· Hardness and Microhardness testing: Vickers, Rockewell, Brinnell, etc

· Internal and external contamination testing, “millipore” system

· Salt fog corrosion testing, according to ISO standards

· Dimensional relief profiles with digital projector “MITUTOIO”

· Dimensional reliefs on 3D workbench CTR, with related documentation

· Precision scales, up to 0,0001g

· Photographic analysis on microscope, up to 100x

· Control tools calibration, completion verification according to ISO/TS

· Dimentional reliefs with profilometer, surface roughness gauge, thickness gauge